Last pizza

What a meal

What a day

What a pain

Insane pain


Your thoughts

What were you thinking?

Eating alone?

Not calling me?

Dealing with?

Preparing it?

For a new week?

On the first day of the week?

You chose pizza

You chose death?

You chose rubbish

You chose?

Last pizza

Last day

Last sunday

Last meal

Was it good?

Did u even know?

What have u felt?

Why didn’t you come?

Did you think of me?



Last pizza

Now pizza reminds me of you

Now pizza reminds me of pain

Now pizza is similar to your pain

Ty bro,

I am not having it again

I love you more

Was it a prep meal?

Were u prepping it all?

Out of your mine

Out of the way


Out of the pain

Your way out

Last pizza 🍕