Scary October

The last days of it

And the last one the scariest

Scary body

Afraid to let go

Afraid to fall a sleep

Afraid to stop thinking

Afraid to sleep in

So turned on

So fixated

So frustrated

By confusion

By all the acts

All the words

All the energies

All the feelings

All the feelings that didnā€™t feel right

Scary October

Due to end

Due to flow into the next thing

Due to transform

Its energy

To end

To die

To let go

Scary pumpkins

Scary nights

Scary moonlight

Shining too bright

So bright through the window

So bright and alive

Way too shiny in the night

Keeping me awake

Keeping me afloat

On the wild dark ocean

Feeling endings

Honoring endings

That is scary

Scary October

With empty hands

Open empty hands

Can receive something new

But before receiving

They are bare


Emptyhanded I go

Looking at the trees

As they go empty

We both go empty

So I am not alone in this?

Empty and bald

The tree goes on

To restore

For the better

For renewal

And that time in between

Is awkward

Is dark

Is scary

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