I let myself be



be shocked

be overwhelmed

be full of sadness

be full of empathy


by his situation

by his pain

by his shame

he was ashamed

he was belittled

he hid himself

he hid himself for me

my little brother

shame wants to hide

to hide in the dark

for no one to see

to cover up

to be covered by layers

by layers that fake

by layers that lie

by layers that mislead

by layers that deceive

awful shame

low vibe

the lowest emotion of all

so human

the most human one

low energy

is the most damaging one

fear of judgement



shame is so lonely

shame is so common

shame is there

to share

sharing shame

sharing is the game

sharing makes u get out

get loud

speak up

call someone

write it off

shake it off

let it blow

shame leaves

shame disappeares

when the lights go on

when the words come out

when we own the event

when we admit

to being human

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