Com means with in latin

Passion means suffer in latin

Compassion means to suffer with


With means accompanied by

Now then,

Accompany yourself

Sit with yourself

Talk to yourself

Talk to your hurted self

Talk to your anxious self

Yes sure!

There is many sides to you

You’re not a schizofrene because you have opposing thoughts, opinions and feelings

You are human

You are an amazing human being

That needs support from you

Yes, from you

A human being that needs your attention


That needs to be heard

That needs to have all its feelings felt

So feel them out

Just a while will do

Just a few minutes will do

Just sit down with yourself

Start with giving yourself a hug

And go from there

Thank yourself for showing up

Thank yourself for feeling all those feelings

Let them be

Feel them in the body

Feel the words

Feel the pain

And allow it to dissolve


Like a wave

Its creasts

And then it falls

Feelings are always temporary

Anger will turn into sadness

Sadness will turn into understanding

Understanding will turn into peace

And peace will turn into forgiveness

Sooner or later

Just be present with you

With what is inside of you

Let it be

Let it be with love

Let it be bc it is you

Bc your feelings matter

Bc you are worth taking care for

It is hard to suffer

It is hard to suffer with

But it is harder to numb the feelings

It is harder to deny your feelings

It is harder to deny your needs

It is doable to allow your feelings

It is doable to listen to that little girl or boy inside of you

Just try, shall we? 🫂


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