friendships that failed

did they?

what was possible?

did she forget the invite?

was it just that?

just that and the other little things?

we lived so closely together

we could have helped each other out?

I could have helped her

I appreciated her

maybe she felt condemned?

maybe we should have argued?

maybe silent condemnation was the mistake?



unique opinions


courage to understand

the courage to take time

the courage to make space for consideration

the courage to express

the courage to talk

the time to reflect

the courage to tell my stories?

the courage to keep meeting up?

the courage to ask questions?


or curiosity?


cur means care

caring to know?

caring to ask why?

to wonder

why that person is condemning you?

to stay open

for an answer that explains the view

an explanation to understand

to learn

to grow

to tell my stories?

to keep growing together

in a great friendship

befriending the other

befriending the difference

accepting one another

accepting myself

that is on the way


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