releasing it

or feeling it

leaning in it

letting it be

smothering pain

agitating pain

whilst it is not about solving

it is not about controlling damage

it is done

the wound is already there

and it has to dry

it is that painful graze

the one that does not need bandage

that could not even handle a bandage

the kind of wound that needs to dry

a big one

a wide open one

that needs gentle air


it needs

just tender care

tender attention it needs

soft words

caressing blows would ease the hurting

a kiss around it

and a reminder that it is part of being

part of being enough

we get hurt sometimes

that everybody hurts

that it is not your fault

that you did the best you could

that it is okay to fall

that it is okay to fail

that it is okay to get injured

pain that is the point in between

the stopping point

the point to catch up

the point to take a break

the point to feel feelings

and letting them hurt

pain is a bit of time

transition time to take care

a caring time

a loving time

a time for love

a time for empathy

beautiful pain

to look back on

once you’ve stepped up

once you’re reassured

once you are joyous again

it was worth feeling it

it was worth being

beautiful in between state


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