over eating, over working, over do-ing it. A redo. Doing it long, forgetting the breaks. overjoyed, overflowing, overthrown and into the new. The scary new. The new is over the top. The new is the other side. The new is the other side of the hill. I climbed it and I got out of the valley. The valley is gone. I lost the valley. I ve lost my victimhood. I ve lost my familiar, comfortable life. I ve lost the addiction that I was used to. I ve lost the life of being unhappy.

And now I am over that bridge. But it is still insight. The bridge is not far. The bridge is an option to turn to. The bridge is away to get back to a life that is familiar. Familiar. The safe zone. Knowing what is, knowing what I’ll get. Knowing that I can cope. I can cope with what I know. I’ ve learned to cope. I ve learned to survive. Surviving is what I am best at. On the other hand. At the other, new side. Where I came. I might be thriving. I might be able to live a live without strive. I finally am at that place where I am able to bloom. Now, I can let go. Now I can go with the flow. I can stop fighting. I can let go of putting pressure. I can feel safe now without pushing, I can and but will I? Am I too much of a fighter to let go of my ways?


Overcome. I fought my way over the hill and now I am overwhelmed. Now, I am like, how can I cool off when I fought my whole life? When battle is programmed inside of me? The creative battle of making my way on, of crawling and plowing and designing ways. Designing yes, that is me. Seeing beauty around me. Crafting and drawing the beautiful signs of nature’s love. That is me too. I knew.. I am not even doing it alone. Jesus was there in those battles. He fought them with me. He brought me all the way here. He brought me here to face this gift. The gift of growth.

Dear people, grow. Grow into changing your views. Grow into new habits. Grow into new environment. Travel. See things from other’s people’s eyes. And give them your joy. That is what creates more joy. Because actually there is joy in fighting for your needs, truth and survival. But then after the battle you need good company. The company of sharing and caring for one another. For each has its own journey and background. Let us show interest. Let us have deep conversations. Let us be overly interested in where we come from. So that we can emerge and integrate. So that we can meet each other and have fun.

I am going to overstep my fears. I am going to let myself be awkward, scared and overjoyed. The joy will regulate. The fear will phase out into peace. Jesus is here and every step of the way. I am the new me. I crossed the hill. I am over the old pains. OVER

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