a feeling

the lowest feeling

the lowest vibe

minus 20 is the vibration of shame

a yucky feeling

the worst feeling

the will to disappear

the feeling of dying

loosing face

feeling alone

feeling an outsider

feeling less than others

feeling stupid

feeling judged

feeling rejected

feeling separated from others

a vibe

a situation

that is human

because you are

because you are lovable

because you are allowed to make mistakes

you are allowed to be different

being shamed

it is so useless

it is disastrous

it stinks

it destroys

it happens

being awkward

feeling embarrassed

it is what happens to everyone

being shamed by is not a good one

it is not okay

if others shame you

if others talk you down

if others judge on you harshly

those are not your tribe

they are not the builders of connection

they are not worthy of your love

feeling ashamed it happens

talking about shame removes the pain

owning your humanity is the way out of shame

being okay with a mistake

being okay with not having it together

you are valuable

so worthy of belonging

do not stand alone because of shame

you are not the only one feeling this

you deserve empathy

you deserve loving reflection

you deserve comfort

you deserve to vibe high

whatever happened


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