of the challenge

of the idea

of achieving a connection

of working for it

of attaining it finally

of putting in the work

the work that creates hope

false hope on connection

false communication

lying thoughts

lying beliefs

the programming that is unconscious

the unconscious believer

is half death

does not seek change

does not see himself

she is like the ostrich

keeping its head in the earth

a quick bird

not willing to see


there is no need

I can not give

if that person does not seem to know what they need

if they think they are fine

when they think life is average

if they keep put

then I cannot give

I cannot inspire

I cannot keep myself of my needs

my prior needs

for fun

my need to be around emotionally mature people

my core need

the mission

to spread joy

to spread light

to shine light on my shame

let me shine amongst those who deserve

who appreciate my energy

those who try to learn

those who are curious

those avoiding judgement

those free spirited souls that ask questions

those that know how to empathize

those wary souls that prioritize fun

those kind souls that prioritize expression

let them lure on me

let me be in luring on them instead


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