because of trauma

the trauma of verbal assault

the trauma of outrage

the trauma of fleeing

the inability to go back

the inability to resolve

the inability of finding a closed door

the inability of no other choice

the trap of avoidance

the hurt

the pushed away hurt

the shame it gets covered by

the piled up shame it ate me

it ate my clarity of mind

it ate my focus

it scattered my brain


in my defense

defending my worthy

challenging the assault

challenging the hurt feelings

challenging to get back to

to defend is a challenge

to defend is courageous

to defend myself is having courage


to take courage

every day

I defend

not defy

I defend

not withdraw

not fly

stick around

stick to my ground

stick to being worthy

being worthy everywhere

being worthy where I am at

I am worthy

I defend my worthy

I am full of courage


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