reflecting on the days

reflecting in the days

seeing it

seeing with distance

using the space of distance

to learn

to see it in

to gain insight

looking in



giving grace

receiving grace

receiving compassion of myself

receiving joy for all the things that went well

being grateful for all the people I met

being grateful for all the experiences

being grateful for having tried

embracing my humanity

acknowledging my humanness

practicing kindness for mistakes

self-evaluation can lead to self-appreciation

when I am reflecting

when I am blaming

when I am grieving

when I am scared

when I am too responsible

when I am too lonely

when I am not sharing

but shaming myself

then it is a trap

then it is a rabbit hole

but holes have passages that lead to new holes

and rabbits come out of there

they come back to the surface

into the light

I am a rabbit sometimes

I am rabbiting

I am enough


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