with mockers

the unbelievers

the pleasers

the judgers

the awkwards ones

fuck off

I proof you wrong

I will make you see

I will show the truth

Life will always show truth

as I am choosing life

I am choosing me

I am choosing happiness

I am choosing to live life my way

My weird way

My extreme way

My exceptional way of living

is my business

I am a business

I am worthy of being all that I can be

without your fearful attitude

without your falseness

without your lies

I am powerful

I am done with lying

I am done with pleasing

I am done with listening

I am done with falsehood

Done with playing small

Done with adapting

Done with holding back

Done with hoping on your love

You are not normal

Normal does not exist

Normal is an illusion

Let abnormality be normalized

Let me polarize

Let me fire you up

Let me shake it up

all around

It is going to be all right

The ending is here

The other side is touched

I am finished


I am done

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